Corinne Tan & Gwynn Tan’s Collection – My Thoughts

Although it isn’t January 1st, which usually is when the Girl of the Year comes out, the Girl of the Year (Or should I say, Girls of the Year?) 2022’s collection is out! Here’s everything in her collection, along with my thoughts on each item.

Corinne Tan Doll and Book – $110

First up, we have Corinne Tan herself. She has black hair with teal highlights, a new face mold, brown eyes, and is wearing a white tunic style sweater, lavender leggings, and teal boots. Her new face mold is very different, and I am not sure if I like it or not. Her hair is pretty, though I am not a big fan of colored highlights. Her meet outfit is cute. I am not planning on buying her.

Corinne’s Accessories – $35

Here are Corinne’s accessories. This set comes with a pair of sunglasses, a pink hat, pink leg-warmers, a teal bag, and a ski resort pass with her name on it. This set is cute, though the sun glasses look kind of weird on Corinne. I do not think I am going to buy this.

Corinne’s Dog with Backpack – $35

Up next is Corinne’s dog. He comes with a backpack, a bag of treats, and ball launcher, and a toy ball. The dog is cute, though I will not be buying this because all of my dolls already have pets. I wish that the backpack and dog toys were sold separately, because I would probably buy that.

Corinne’s Ski Outfit – $38

Here’s Corinne’s ski outfit. It comes with a headband, a poofy jacket, mittens, ski pants, and socks. This is a cute outfit and looks like a real ski outfit. I might buy this.

Corinne’s Ski Accessories – $44

These are her ski accessories. It comes with a pair of skis, ski poles, a ski helmet, goggles, a ski pass, ski boots, and a sticker sheet. This set goes very well color wise with her ski outfit. The skis are very cute, and the stickers for customizing are a neat addition. I really like this, though I already have a ski set. I might still get this though.

Corinne’s Powder Blue Pajamas – $24

Here are Corinne’s pajamas. This set includes a hoodie that says “The Mountains Are Calling and I Must Go”, shorts, and little boots/slippers. This outfit is very cute and is great for any outdoorsy doll. I might buy this.

Corinne’s Powder Blue Pajamas for Girls – $40

Next are Corinnes pajamas for girls. These are exactly the same as Corinne’s, except for the fact that there are no boots. I do not plan on getting this.

Corinne’s Casual Outfit – $34

This is Corinne’s casual outfit which comes with a headband, a fluffy jacket, a t-shirt, geometric leggings, and iridescent boots. I am not sure how I feel about this outfit. I don’t plan on buying this.

Corinne’s Ice Skating Accessories – $24

This set comes with a pair of mittens, a scarf, a pair of ice skates, and blade guards. I really like this set! I have always wanted to get a pair of ice skates for my dolls, though I could never find a pair that didn’t come with an outfit. I am most likely going to buy this set.

Now for Gwynn Tan’s part of the collection!

Gwynn Doll – $65

Here is Gwynn Tan, Corinne’s sister! She is 14.5 inches tall, like the Wellie Wishers. She has black hair with bangs that comes in two braids, brown eyes, and a meet outfit that consists of a purple sweater, a pink fuzzy skirt, white leggings, and purple and pink boots. As a doll, she is very cute, though I do not like her meet outfit that much. I am not planning on buying her.

Gwynn’s Accessories – $25

These are Gwynn’s accessories. This set includes mittens, a fuzzy beret, and a sequin drawstring bag. I will not buy this set, because I do not have a Wellie Wisher sized doll.

Gwynn’s Powder Pink Pajamas – $22

Here are her pajamas. They have a geometric pattern on them, that has pink, orange, blue, and purple in it, and purple slippers. These are cute, though I will not buy them since I do not have a 14.5 inch doll.

Gwynn’s Ice Skating Performance Outfit – $28

Gwynn’s ice skating outfit comes with a hair clip, a dress, tights, figure skates, and blade guards. I am not sure how I feel about the pattern on the dress, but other than that, this is a cute outfit. I am not planning on buying this.

Corinne’s Ski Lodge Fire Pit – $85

This set includes a bench, a fire pit, a cushion, a pillow, a blanket, two mugs, and an insulated bottle. This is a really cute idea, though it looks very plasticky and is overpriced. I am not planning on buying this.

Corinne’s Ski and Snack Shop – $150

This comes with the structure itself, fake food, a countertop display, a computer, a credit card, a neck warmer, a GoPro camera, a ski tracker, a bottle of ski wax, sunscreen, a water bottle, and six tickets. This set is cute, though way overpriced! I am not planning on getting this.

Corinne and Gwynn’s Bedroom Set – $350

Here is the big ticket item of the collection, their bedroom! It comes with a lot of pieces. This is really expensive and is probably overpriced, but this is also really cool. When you turn it around, it shows the outside of a building. You can also take off the roof and use it as a ski slope. I do not plan on get this, though it is perfect for anyone who needs a bedroom that fits two dolls!

Corinne Book One – $7.99

This is Corinne’s first book. Here is the description on the back:

“If you’re a search and rescue dog trainer, who rescues you?

When the powder’s fresh, Corinne Tan snaps on her skis and takes a deep breath of crisp mountain air. She and her sister, Gwynn, have always called Aspen home, but moving in with their new stepdad, Arne, changes everything, Sure, there are perks- like a fancy bedroom and a new puppy named Flurry whom Corinne trains to do search and rescue. Still, Corinne feels uncomfortable in her new family and hides the truth from her best friend, Cassidy. The facts finally come out in the most disastrous way, and Corinne runs to the only place left that feels like home. But when she becomes lost on the mountain, will her survival skills be enough to save her?”

This book sounds very interesting! I can’t wait to read it.

Corinne Book Two – $7.99

Here’s the second book. I do not know what the back says yet. On the cover, you can see that Corinne is wearing an outfit that is not out yet. Maybe it will come out in a later release?

Overall, I like Corinne’s collection. I don’t think I will get either of the dolls, though I might get an item or two. What do you think of Corinne and Gwynn’s collection? Are you planning to buy one of the dolls? Let me know in the comments how you feel about the Girl of the Year 2022.

Happy Birthday Kaya!

Hello! Kaya here! Today was my 12th birthday! My wonderful friends threw me a little surprise party today, and it was a lot of fun. Here’s what happened.

“Santiago? Where are you taking me?” I asked as Santiago walked me into the main room. I was blindfolded for some reason.

“Oh, you’ll see,” Santiago said mysteriously.

We stopped walking and Santiago removed the blindfold.

“Surprise!” Heather, Rebecca, and Santiago all exclaimed at the same time. I looked around and saw a birthday banner on the wall, and a lemon marange pie in Heather’s hands!

“Thank you, guys!”

“No problem!”

Heather set down the pie and stuck a candle in it. Then, they all started singing Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Kaya! Happy Birthday to you!

I blew out the candle and made my wish. What was my wish, you ask? Well I can’t tell you, or else It won’t come true!

Santiago handed me a little box, and I opened it, revealing…

Clothing for my American Girl doll!

“Thank you so much! This outfit is so cute! I can’t wait to try it on Josefina.”

“We’re glad you like it,” Rebecca replied.

Heather handed me my next present, which was a roll of fabric.

“Yay! Now I have fabric for my sewing machine! Thanks!”

“Of course!” Santiago said.

I set down my two presents as Heather removed the candle and started to cut the pie. Rebecca got out four plates.

She served the pie and handed the plates out. The pie was so good! Oh, and while we were eating the pie, Vivianne came in, and told me that I have a present from her. She said that she would get me a pet! And I could choose what animal! We’ll be going to the shelter next week. I can’t wait!

This birthday party was so much fun! I am so blessed to have such great friends. Here’s to being twelve!

See you soon!

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope your Christmas has been great so far. Here’s a photo story telling what happened in the Dollightful Friends house this morning.




All the dolls were snuggled up in their beds, sleeping peacefully. Heather woke up and remembered that it was Christmas morning!

She gently woke up Rebecca, who groggily said, “What time is it?”

Heather laughed softly and said, “It’s Christmas morning!”

“Oh! Right.” With that, she pulled off her sleeping mask and the two girls got up.

Rebecca walked off to brush her hair out, and Heather went to wake up Santiago and Kaya.

“Wake up, sleepy heads! It’s Christmas morning!”

Santiago instantly woke up after hearing the words “Christmas morning”. Kaya, however, took a bit longer.

“Come on, Kaya! Wake up!” Santiago urged, trying to wake Kaya up.

“Ok, ok! I’m awake!” Kaya said, though to Heather, she didn’t sound that awake.

The four dolls made their way down the stairs to the living room where they had their tree. Then, they all sat down next to the presents with their names on them.

“Who should go first?” Heather asked.

“How about the birthday girl?” Rebecca suggested, referring to Kaya.

“I’m not a birthday girl yet, though I can go first.”

Kaya pulled forward the smaller of the two presents and started to unwrap it.

Inside, there was a round, pink box with some sewing supplies inside.

“Oh cool! Thank you, guys.” Kaya exclaimed, already forming an idea of what her second present was. “Santiago, you go next.”


He grabbed one of the boxes and started to tear the wrapping paper.

Santiago gasped and said, “The Playmobil Native American family! I’ve been looking at this set for a while! Thank you Heather!”

“Of course!”

“Your next, Heather.”

“Alright!” She unwrapped the present in front of her, which was from Kaya and Santiago.

“Ooh! Keeper of the Lost Cities! Thank you so much!” Heather exclaimed. (For anyone who’s reading this and is a Keeper of the Lost Cities fan, she got a “registry pendant” and a memory log.)

Rebecca went next and lifted the lid of one of her presents.

“This is the exact perfume I’ve been wanting! Thanks Heather!”

Heather smiled. “Are we going to go back to Kaya?”


Kaya tore the wrapping paper of her second present, revealing a…

… sewing machine! She had guessed right! “Thank you so much, guys! I can’t wait to sew something!”

“No problem! We’re glad you like it!” Heather replied.

Santiago chose the smaller of the two remaining presents. Inside was a little red pouch. He was super excited when he saw what it was.

“Colored pencils! Thanks, Kaya! I’ve been wanting a new set.”

“Of course.”

Santiago started to unwrap his last present.

“Cool! A board game! Thank you, Rebecca. I can’t wait to play it.”

“I heard that it is a lot of fun,” Rebecca informed him.

Heather was next. She grabbed the piece of paper that said her name from the branches of the tree.

She unfolded it and read,

Dear Heather,

Your present is waiting under the main tree.

Your Friend,


“Ooh! I can’t wait to see what it is!”

“I think you’ll like it,” Rebecca said.

Rebecca unwrapped her last present.

“A lightsaber! And you can choose the color! This is so cool! Thanks, Santiago.”

“No problem.”

They were about to read what the family present was when Rebecca saw another piece of paper, though this one said her name.

It said,

Dear Rebecca,

Your present is waiting for you under the main tree.

Your Friend,


“I’m looking forward to seeing what it is!”

Now that all the presents had been unwrapped, they all gathered around Santiago, who was holding the paper that told them what their family present was.

It said,

Dear Dollightful Friends Family,

Your family present is waiting for you under the main tree. Let me know when you are ready to see it.



“Let’s go let her know!” Heather exclaimed.

Right after she had said that, the door opened and Vivianne stepped into the room.

“Hey Vivianne! Can you get our family present, along with the two presents for Rebecca and I?” Heather asked her sister.

“Sure! I’ll be right back.”

She came back with two outfits. “Your family present will be up in one second.”

Vivianne gave the two outfits to Rebecca and Heather, and left to go get the family present.

“Thank you for this outfit Kaya! It’s so cute. Now I can come with you to the stable!”

“Exactly! I’m glad you like it.”

Rebecca set down her outfit and turned to Heather, who was admiring her outfit.

“It’s so pretty! Thank you, Rebecca.”

“Of course.”

Vivianne came back and put something in the main room of the dollhouse. She turned to the dolls, and said, “You can go check it out.”

The four of them rushed into the room, but stopped dead in their tracks when they saw the present.

It was a kitchen! When they recovered from their shock, they went and started to check it out.

“This is so cool!” Santiago exclaimed.

“I know right?” Heather replied.

“Thank you, Vivianne!” They all said in unison.

“I’m glad you like it.” Vivianne told them. The four dolls proceeded to check out the new addition to their dollhouse.






We all had an amazing Christmas morning! Merry Christmas!

Christmas Caroling Fun

Hey everyone! This is Heather and Kaya. Today we bundled up and headed outside to do some Christmas caroling. In this post, any writing that is purple is what I, Heather, am saying, and anything green is what Kaya is saying. Enjoy!

“Should we start caroling at the houses, or start at the park?”

“I think we should start with the houses.”

“Alright! Come one!

“Here we are.”

Heather rang the doorbell and Kaya said,

“What song should we sing first?”

“Hmm, how about Away in a Manger?”

“Good idea!”

The door opened and the two girls introduced themselves.

“Hello! I’m Heather and this is Kaya, and we are going around singing some Christmas carols. Would you like us to sing one for you?”


Heather and Kaya started singing Away in a Manger, Heather on harmony and Kaya singing melody. When they finished, the resident applauded.

They bowed and said in unison, “Merry Christmas!”

The lady living at that house said thank you and merry Christmas. They turned around and went to the next house. They sang at the rest of the houses on their street and went to the park.

“Let’s sing Holly and the Ivy now.”


They started singing the song and a small crowd gathered around. The crowd clapped when the song was over, and the girls chose the song, Jingle Bells, to sing next.

Everyone knew this song, so they sang along. Soon more people showed up, until there were about two dozen people in the audience.

After this song was over, Kaya and Heather bowed again and called out, “Merry Christmas!”

On the way home, Heather said,

“This was so much fun! I’m so glad we were able to make so many people happy!”

“I agree! Maybe we can go caroling again sometime before Christmas with Rebecca and Santiago.”





We hope you enjoyed that photo story! We both had a lot of fun. Have you ever been caroling before? Do you want to do it again?

See you soon!

Dreams of Bokeh

Kaya here! Sorry none of us have posted in a while. We have all been very busy. Hopefully over winter break, which starts next weekend, we’ll be able to post on a more consistent schedule.

I’m sure that pretty much every doll photographer tries to get Christmas tree bokeh at least once or twice. Today I tried. I don’t think I got that much good bokeh, though these pictures still turned out good. For anybody who doesn’t know what bokeh is, they are soft, circular shapes of reflecting light in the backgrounds of pictures. They are also the quality of the blur. If you are not understanding this, you can just look below:

Poinsettia, Christmas, Christmas Background, Red
The circles in the background are bokeh. There doesn’t have to be a lot like in this picture, sometimes there are only one or two. So now you know what to look for in this post!

I think I see some bokeh on my face! Weird position, but still! Oh! And there’s bokeh on my dress! Too bad they weren’t where they were supposed to be, AKA the Christmas lights. (Zoom in on the picture to see it better. )

I edited this one slightly and I think it makes it look really magical! The ornament almost looks like it’s glowing. The next picture is the same, just not edited.

I think I got bokeh on the tree! Yay!!!

Now for some pictures of me and Josie. Don’t we look so alike? You could almost think she was my Truly Me doll.

Don’t we all just love hugging our dolls? 🥰

That’s all for today. By the way, I am going to add Josie’s personality to the Meet the Friends page, even if she is just a doll.

Kaya, you and the others are also dolls. -Vivianne

Yes, but we are alive, unlike Josefina unfortunately.

Anyways, bye! Adios!

World Traveler in Ireland: Review

Hey there! This is Vivianne, with our first review. The other day, Heather and I went to the AG store and brought home two items. Those two items are the World Traveler in Ireland outfit and the Hanukkah Gift Set. A review on the Hanukkah Gift Set will be posted soon. Now, for the review!

Here is an overview of the outfit. It comes with a hat, a shirt, a sweater, a skirt, a pair of tights, and boots. It costs $36.

First, we have the hat. It is black and white, and it has a chevron pattern. Warning: When taking this hat off of your doll, they will get hat hair!

Next we have the sweater. It is emerald green, and has real buttons on the front. As you can see, it is a little large on the doll, though that is the style.

Now, for the shirt. It is white, and has a graphic on the front that says Ireland and depicts two shamrocks, a horseshoe, a postage stamp, and a harp. The shirt closes in the back with velcro.

The skirt is plaid and has a fake buckle at the top left. I believe the silver part of the buckle is plastic. The skirt also closes in the back with velcro.

*Note* This picture is edited to show the real color of the tights because the camera would not capture the color properly.

The tights are quite thick, and are a mustard yellow.

Lastly, we have the boots. They are faux leather, and have real laces. In order to take off or put on the boots, you need to untie the laces. This may be a little hard for younger kids. The soles are a rubbery material, and have treads. On the back, there is a strip of yellow fabric.

Overall, I rate this outfit 5 stars. I saw that on the AG website, some people were saying that the hat is too small. Our hat isn’t too small, though it is a bit snug. Other than that, this outfit is perfect. All of the pieces look like they would be great for mix and matching.

I hope this review is helpful to you! See you soon!

May The Force Be With You

Hello! This is Rebecca! I started watching Star Wars a few days ago, and I am really liking it. My favorite character is Rey, so Vivianne helped me make a Rey inspired costume. I love it so much! Now, onto the photoshoot!

I hope you enjoyed these Rey-inspired pictures! By the way, Vivianne will be posting our first review soon!

May the Force be with you,

Kaya’s Trip to the Library

Hi! This is Kaya. Today I got to go over to the local library! I looked at many books, but only checked out two. One was the first Keeper Of The Lost Cities book. Heather had asked me to borrow it again. The other book was the Witch of Blackbird Pond. Anyways, here are some pictures!

I hope you enjoyed these pictures! I can’t wait to read the Witch of Blackbird Pond. Well, bye!

Heather Schade

Hello! I’m Heather, and I was Vivianne’s second doll. I am 11 years old, and my birthday is October 9.

I love gymnastics and hope to one day become an Olympic gymnast. Last summer, I got the chance to go to a camp hosted by the Olympics, and we had a competition at the end of the week. I won and received a jacket just like the ones real Olympic gymnasts wear.

I also enjoy cooking and trying new things, whether it’s a new gymnastics move, a new recipe, or something else entirely.

If you want to learn more about me, go check out the Meet the Friends page! I hope you have enjoyed learning a little about us all in the last few posts. Here is one last picture before I sign off:

Goodbye! See you soon!